Tesla Model Y Price Revealed

Tesla Model Y review

The Tesla CEO and tech giant, Elon Musk on March 3 tweeted that the newest car in Tesla’s S-3-X-Y range will be unveiled on March 14. The car is an SUV and will be revealed at Tesla’s LA Design Studio in California.

Musk has hinted about the Model Y for a few months now. Speculations suggest that the new SUV will fall somewhere between the Model 3 and Model X. The Model X was the first SUV launched by Tesla and the upcoming car is predicted to be bigger than its predecessor.

The Tesla CEO has announced that Model Y will be 10 percent larger, and consequently, 10 percent pricier than the previous Model 3. Due to its large size, the car is expected to have less mileage and less battery range than the Model 3. According to the official website, the Model 3 prices start at US$ 26,950. With a 10 percent hike, we can expect the starting price for Model Y to be US$ 29,645.

Tesla Model Y price

However, the full details about the features and cost of the Model Y can only be speculated from Musk’s tweets and official Tesla website. Until the launch scheduled next week, nothing can be said with confirmation. Besides the Model Y, Tesla is gearing up to launch an electric pickup truck and a Tesla Semi later this year.

Even with no certain pricing details, the company is expected to beat the bestseller in the market. The Toyota Rav-4 is famous for outstanding features at an affordable price. Despite the price hike from its previous cars, it is anticipated that the new Tesla SUV will surpass the Rav-4.

We will just have to wait until next week to see if the Model Y will be worth the price hike and if it will be able to surpass its rivals.

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