Tesla Model Y Reveal: updates on the much-anticipated Electric mini SUV


Tesla Model Y is all geared up to launch after the much-anticipated wait. March 14, 2019 will be the official unveiling event at the Tesla Design Studio, Hawthorne, California. Car fans around the globe can also view the unveiling of Model Y and get the first look by the livestream at 8 p.m PDT.

Tesla Model Y will be taking Elon Musk’s vision of sexy electric cars further. A combination of sustainable cars with great features and looks is a promise for a better future, and Tesla has taken it seriously.

Though tooling for Tesla model Y will begin this year, but it is expecting to hit volume production by end of 2020, from Gigafactory 1 in Sparks in Nevada.

Expected Price:

Model Y is definitely expected to cost more than model 3. Speculations state that the price could be about ten percent higher than Model Y, and that it could be approximately $40,000.

Release date:

Tesla Model Y will most likely take the same trajectory that Model 3 had taken. To recall, Model 3 was revealed on March 2016, and it handed over its first 30 pre-registered cars  after about 16 months in a special event in Fremont.

In June 2018 Elon Musk had stated that Model Y will be unveiled by March 2019 and then go into production in next two years.  Later Musk also cleared that, that wider production will start by end of 2020, and it will take a little longer for the cars to hit the road.

New Strategy:

Tesla will have to lay its path ahead cautiously, and remove the hurdles it faced with Model 3. Model 3 was the cheapest electric car but it faced a lot of production debacle after the launch. The claim that Tesla made at the launch of model 3 (production rate of 5000 car per week in five months time) took about 12 months plus. So, Tesla has designed newer strategies to meet its expectations.

First and foremost, 75 % of Model Y’s components is shared with the Model 3.  This Musk calls the “manufacturing revolution” as it simplifies the manufacturing process and reduces capital expenditure.

Tesla aims to increase factory capacity and multiply production manifold. The Shanghai Gigafactory is expected to produce five hundred thousand entry-level model 3’s and Y’s by the end of 2019. Since, Tesla expects a much higher demand for the much-anticipated vehicle, there is a push to take production as a challenge and take it to its full capacity.

Musk had stated that the mid sized SUV segment is the most popular and favourite worldwide.  He therefore reasoned that the demand for Model y will be 50% higher than model Y.



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