The Amazing Race 31: Highlights and Winners

The Amazing Race 31: Highlights and Winners

The Amazing Race Season 31 inevitably ended on Wednesday. The last few episodes had been the greatest. Watching all the drama as the participants race against the clock to beat one-another was much more fun than the previous seasons. However, the main question is who won this time??

The Amazing Race season 31: finale episode aired on Wednesday

The Amazing Race 31: Highlights and Winners

Colin and Christie
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Well, before I break the great news to you allow me to take you on a brief tour of the last few episodes. Nicole and Victor were the most anticipated duo for victory. They had succeeded in cracking the final four in the second last episode.

Nicole and Victor became the only non-Amazing Race brother duo that survived till the second last episode. They escaped eviction by a very close mark. Well the credit for that goes to the non-elimination leg!!!. The brother duo even managed to live past the drama that the Reilly Sisters presented them with.

Highlights of the final episode

The Amazing Race 31: Highlights and Winners

Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl on the season finale of THE AMAZING RACE,
Source: Entertainment weekly

The 11th leg of the race had been the bad omen for Leo and Jamal for 2 season. However this time they succeeded to stop history from repeating itself. They duo was the first to decode the World War II message. Victor was the second participant who solved it, while Korey and Christie secured third and fourth positions respectively.

The non-Amazing Race duo Victor and Nicole had to face certain disadvantages during this phase. All the other teams ganged up against them, helping each other while leaving them out to figure out things by themselves.

The next challenge resulted in the elimination of Nicole and Victor. Yes, they got evicted, please stay calm there is still a helluva of things left to happen.

The final leg took place in United States. Teams received the task of collecting numbers of a bank vault while rappelling down a skyscraper. Well in the end the team that was able to steal the winners title was………    Colin and Christie!!!

First runners-up were Tyler and Korey while the third place was secured by Leo and Jamal.

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