The Angry Birds Movie 2 Review: A surreal and hilarious tour to the Birds Island

Angry Birds Movie 2 arrives on August 13th, in US. Source: IMDb

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is much flappier and funnier than ever! Three years back, the Angry Birds Movie creators surprised all of us by turning a game into a movie. In the 2016 film, Red was a loner and an irritable character at the start who used to be angry all the time.

Jason Sudeikis played the role of Red, and he really did a remarkable job in voice acting. As the story of The Angry Birds Movie 2 progressed, the knitted brow became the Bird Island’s savior after rescuing the birds’ eggs from green pigs who reside in Piggy Island.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Plot

Angry Birds team up with Green Pigs to fight against their biggest enemy.
Source: VarietyRed along with his friends’ Bomb, Chuck and the rest of the birds get shocked when green pigs arrive at their island to put aside their differences and unite to battle against a bigger threat. The pigs have discovered that there is a third island which is planning to destroy other islands.

Later on in The Angry Birds Movie 2, the island of the angry birds begins to cover up in ice. The team decides to use a bigger weapon to escape the island. They pair up with the green pigs and leave the island, deactivate the device on Eagle Island, and return to their paradise island.

Based on Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, and Sony Pictures Animation serve as the main production companies of the film. Directed by Thurop Van Orman, the film released on 13 August in the United States.

What critics and viewers have to say about the film?

The sequel of Angry Birds film showcases hilarious war of birds and pigs against the new predators who belong from the Eagle Island. Besides, the birds aren’t angry as they once were! Now they are cooler and wackier. Also, the Angry Birds franchise has leveled up its game!

The creators shifted from its origin story and pushed the second part into action territory. Some viewers might relate the film with Ice Age squirrel and its nut when three fledglings fly into the sky to get stray eggs. However, the film promises to offer a unique plotline filled with humor that can even crack up a 40-year-old.

After, a third island emerges from nowhere lead by an eagle named Zeta who throws destructive ice-balls on Bird’s island as well as Pig’s island. The film will center around Red and his friends, the pig chieftain Leonard (played by Bill Hader) who will venture into the eagle island. Will they unite together to fight against the enemies?

As soon as the frenemies arrive at the island, the story becomes more surreal and hilarious. Book your tickets of The Angry Birds Movie 2 now, to find out what are these frenemies plotting to do next! You can watch the trailer of The Angry Birds Movie 2 below.

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