The Batman Costume Leaks: Robert Pattinson Batsuit, Colin Farrell Penguin and More Revealed

The Batman Costume Leaks Robert Pattinson Batsuit, Colin Farrell Penguin and More Revealed

The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson has started filming and it means flooding of leaked set photos. Matt Reeves has started principal photography for ‘The Batman’ in London and people are sharing a lot of pictures on social media from outside locations. There are a lot of Gotham PD vehicles, news reporter vans and also Robert Pattinson dressed as Bruce Wayne and hiding his Batman identity.

Some leaks of Batsuit and other Batman costume from the movie has also surfaced online, which are yet to be verified. It is also rumored that Colin Farrell will be playing the role of Oswalt Cobblepot aka Penguin. Here are more details on ‘The Batman’ costume leaks, Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit, Colin Farrell’s Penguin getup and more.

Batman Suit for Robert Pattinson Leaked

Batman Suit for Robert Pattinson Leaked

Robert Pattinson could be seen on a motorbike covering his face with a half hoodie and not wearing the original Batsuit. Fans have theorized it as he could be doing prep work in some areas of Gotham or the movie could have scenes set before he gets the Batman suit.

Reddit users are calling it Zero Year references where Bruce Wayne tries to fight crime in disguise and some are also saying that it could be a scene where Gotham police have seen him and there is a motorbike chase scene similar to the Batman Begins movie.

More Details on The Batman Movie

More Details on The Batman Movie

The Batman set photos includes a man holding an umbrella that looks like Colin Farrell dressed as the Penguin character. While it doesn’t look clear, fans have speculated that it is indeed Farrell with makeup and prosthetics to look like Oswalt Cobblepot.

Matt Reeves, the director of ‘The Batman’ himself has hinted by sharing a picture of Colin Farrell giving a confused expression, with the caption, “Wait is that you, #Oz ?” proceeded by a bat emoji.

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