The Batman, Justice League, Joker and The Flash Connection Explained by DC


DC Fandom has been a source of all excitement from the Cheetah’s first look in Womder Woman 1984 to Neil Gaiman in Sandman. It’s all just beginning here. DC’s big decision makers have revealed how the studio will take advantage of the multiverse.


Walter Hamada, the president of DC Films, talked about the Ezra Miller/Grant Gustin moment in The Flash latest season. He explained how it set the stage for the future of the DCEU. Hamada said,

I knew how meaningful this would be to the fans because Flash created the multiverse. It became the situation where fans just want to see the characters, you can have The Flash on TV and in movies… and, going forward, there are more opportunities to do this and use the medium in ways we haven’t used it before.

Furthermore, it also means that anything is possible for the big-screen heroes in Justice League.

Hamada said,

What the multiverse means is we can tell these great stories where we can tell different stories. There’s one earth where have Gal and Ezra… and another where we can have Year Two Batman… and then there’s Joker, which isn’t part of either continuity.

Everyone is a part of the multiverse. Matt Reeves can build his story in Gotham. There won’t be anything to worry about how it would impact The Flash or Aquaman 2. The main purpose is to tell great stories. Anything that makes it work would be great. They are ready to do anything. This is how a right story and right filmmaker can come together.

In this way, the different stories of Joker, Justice League and Batman can all exist at the same time and separately.

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