The Batman Suit Reveal: Angry Fans compare Robert Pattinson Batsuit with Daredevil

The Batman Suit Reveal Angry Fans compare Robert Pattinson Batsuit with Daredevil

The Batman director Matt Reeves in a surprise video reveal on Vimeo shared the first look of Robert Pattinson in the iconic Batsuit. While fans were so happy to catch the first glimpses of the new Batsuit, everyone had mixed reactions on the suit reveal teaser. The entire video was colored in red and hence it was hard to figure out whether the actual Batsuit will be blue, grey or black.

But the biggest complaint was that Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit looked identical to another superhero, who is none other Charlie Cox’s Daredevil that appeared on Netflix. Fans are getting angry over the similarities between Batman and Daredevil mask, and have expressed their rage on Twitter.

The Batsuit vs Daredevil Suit Comparison

The Batsuit vs Daredevil Suit Comparison

The Batman Suit reveal video had a red background, a catchy theme from Michael Giacchino and without the cowl or horns, it kind of looked like Daredevil suit from Netflix. There are already a lot of similarities between the Dark Knight and the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

Both the heroes don’t have any superpowers, rely on their fighting skills and non-lethal gadgets and appear mostly in the night. While it was just a first look video and Robert Pattinson can look different by the time, ‘The Batman’ is finished, fans got impatient and started making fun of the Batsuit and accused it of copying Daredevil costume.

Fans are not Happy with Robert Pattinson’s Batman Look

Fans are not Happy with Robert Pattinson's Batman Look

The Caped Crusader is mostly famous for its iconic cowl which was missing from the suit but the most talked about things is the new Bat-symbol. Many fans are saying that it contains the gun that killed Bruce Wayne’s parents while others believe it is made up of Batrangs or some sort of knives.

The new Batsuit for Robber Pattinson seems to be inspired by Arkham Origins, Arkham Knight, Batman: Year One and Lee Bermejo’s Batman. Overall, fans have mixed reactions for the Batman suit reveal and many of them are even doubting that Pattinson won’t be able t do justice in the role.

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