The best Apple Airpods alternatives for Android, Windows, and iOS.


Apple Airpods are the second generation of wireless headphones that had revolutionized the experience of wireless audio. The marvelous design and “Hey Siri” convenience had delivered efficient performance, increased talk-time and higher rates of connect times.

Although they are one of a kind and magically convenient, yet the other technology inventors have provided alternatives that give tough competition to the Apple Airpods. Due to the compatibility issues of iPhone with headphone jacks of 3.5 mm and higher price of Apple Airpods, the alternatives are the best option. They provide extended features that the new update of Apple Airpods lacked.

The competitors had tried their best to provide the customers with an appreciable audio experience. The best Airpod alternatives for windows include Sennheiser Momentum. Samsung Galaxy Buds, Master and Dynamic MW07, and alike are the best Airpod alternatives for Android. While the ones like Jabra Elite Active 65t and Jabra elite Sports are best Airpod alternatives for iOS. Let us explore the audio experience of these devices and some more them in detail.

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds, one of the best Airpod alternatives for Android is giving a serious competition. Good sound quality, light-weight structure and comfortable design for ears makes it a perfect fit as wireless earbuds. The price is affordable with a battery life of 6 hours and there are no extra charges for the charging case. the sweat-proof system and water proof design allows the users to carry them along anywhere. The noise from surroundings and those from your earbuds are clear as well.

2. Jabra Elite Active 65t

One of the products from Jabra Elite is the Active 65t version that provides an excellent sound experience than Airpods. The battery life is 5 hours in one go with extra 15 hours in the charging case. The technology is smart enough to get the touch access to any of the voice assistants like Google, Siri and Alexa. It is indeed fitness-friendly due to its sweat and water-proof structural features. The reliability of the product makes it worth to be a little expensive. Jabra Elite is among the best Airpod alternatives for iOS.

3. Jabra Elite Sports

The another product from Jabra Elite is Jabra Elite Sports with a battery life of 4.5 hours. It offers extra 9 hours in the charging case. The technology is designed for specially athletes and sporty people who are more prone to sweat and water. The heart-rate sensor on the earbuds allows to track your exertion level while you exercise. It provides a secure fit for the ears. The sound isolation quality is appreciable. Slightly cheaper than the other alternatives, Jabra Elite Sports are perfect while performing rigorous workouts.

4. Sennheiser Momentum(Wireless)

With a stylish and cordless design the Sennheiser Momentum provides a battery life of 4 hours, extra 12 hours in the charging case. Smart touch access prevents you to keep searching your phone for every activity. The price is almost twice as the cost of Airpods, but the sound profile and the momentum range worth it. Some of the loaded features like Bluetooth connectivity, automatic pause when earphones are not in your ears and good isolation of sound makes it comfortable. It is considered one of the best Airpod alternatives for Windows.

5. Master and Dynamic MW07

The marvelous Master and Dynamic MW07 is compatible with both Androids and iOS. Its battery life is about 3.5 hours and extra 14 hours in the charging case. Its attractive design and comfortable fit makes it stylish. It does lack the “Hey Siri” feature but provides a built-in support for voice commands through mic. Though they are expensive but yet a good Airpod alternative for both Android and iOS system. The sound quality is excellent of all the other alternatives.

6. RHA Trueconnect

It looks just like Airpods with additional features like sweat-proof design and better sound quality. You can use them for 5 hours in one go, with extra 20 hours in charging case. The audio is unusually good. The structure completely fits in your ears and is comfortable. It offers a reliable connection and a combination of these features, an excellent hearing experience.

Go for more options and choose the best among these. There are wide range of earbuds that prove to be the best Airpod alternatives for windows, Androids, and iOS.

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