The Cuphead Show will soon stream on Netflix

Cuphead will soon appear on small screen: Netflix

Gamers are constantly looking for more challenging games that they can outsmart. Cuphead is up high in the list such enthralling games. The hardcore side-scrolling game has enchanted gamers for generations now. However, now the game is soon going to knock at your TV screens as Netflix has decided to take things to another level with The Cuphead Show!!

The Cuphead Show will soon hit your TV!

Cuphead will soon appear on small screen: Netflix

Netflix announces The Cuphead Show
Source: Mic

The live-streaming source Netflix has recently announced in collaboration with King Feature that Cuphead will soon feature as a show!!! The two giants are working together to build The Cuphead Show. The appeal of the game lied in its hand-animated art style that made its viewers reminisce the cartoons that existed in 1930s.

Chat and Jared Moldenhauer, the creators of Cuphead will soon make an appearance at the San Diego Comic Con. The purpose of this visit along with a panel as well as an exclusive poster is to sign the Comics Kingdom Booth. This visit is set to take place on 20th July, Saturday.

The Moldenhauers are reported to work as executive producers for The Cuphead Show along with CJ Kettler under the guidance of King Features. The show will be produced by Netflix while Dave Wasson acts as its executive production head. The Retro cartoon game show will be co-executive produced by the famous Cosmo Segurson.

Why is Cuphead getting converted??

The game shall act as the base of the show. Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and macOS are some places where the game is currently available for consumers. The retro game has successfully sold around 4 million units all around the globe.

Cuphead will soon appear on small screen: Netflix

Cuphead will soon hit small screen!!
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The purpose of the show as described by CJ Kettler is to introduce the great characters and physical comedy to a new audience. Allowing the oblivious masses to explore the beautiful design and production that goes back to the golden age of animation.

Let’s hope that this creation successfully brings to life the game that is loved by millions. Honestly speaking I am waiting to see what adventure Cuphead and Mugman will try in this new show!!

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