The Expanse Season 5 picked up by Amazon Prime Video

expanse season 5 on amazon prime

If you ever wondered what was gonna happen to “The Expanse”, we have some news for you. After airing the first three seasons on Syfy, the series got cancelled this year. However, according to the Television Critics Association, Season 4 of the series is all set to debut on Dec 13 2019.

The Expanse Season 4 will release in December 2019

The Expanse Season 4 will release in December 2019

What is “The Expanse” about?

The TV show is based on one of the New York Times bestseller book series known as the “The Expanse”. It is written by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. They write under the pen name James S. A. Corey. It is a sci-fi show you need to see for yourself to know what the show has to offer.

The cast of the show includes Steven Strait, Dominique Tipper, Frankie Adams, Cas Anvar, Wes Chatham and Shohreh Aghdashloo. Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby are responsible for scripting and developing the series.

They are also the executive producer for The Expanse Season 4 along with a team of other producers including Jason Brown, Daniel Abraham, Ty Franck, Dan Nowak, Sharon Hall, Naren Shankar, Broderick Johnson, Andrew Kosove and Laura Lancaster.

Season 4 story and additions

The new season will include some new characters such as Sleep Hollow played by Lyndie Greenwood, The Other Two by Rosa Gilmore, Tyrant by Keon Alexander and Saving Hope by Jess Salgueiro.

In The Expanse season 4, the Rocinante crew finds themselves on a mission given by the United Nations asking them to explore new planets beyond the Ring Gate. This season’s official logline is

“Humanity has been given access to thousands of Earth-like planets, which has created a land rush and furthered tensions between the opposing nations of Earth, Mars and the Belt. While Earthers, Martians and Belters manoeuvre to colonize Ilus, the first of these planets, larger dangers await the explorers.”

Do you watch The Expanse? Are you excited for Season 4 and Season 5 on Amazon Prime? Let us know in the comments below.

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