The hottest superhero on Young Justice: Outsiders comes out as queer

Diversification is they Key to success, Young Justice: Outsiders

Young Justice: Outsiders is back on track with its latest episode! The favorite fan series never fails to amaze everyone with jaw-dropping action sequencing and story-building. Young Justice is recommended for both comic and movie fans.

Young Justice: Outsiders – Plotline

The latest episode was named Quiet Conversations. Victor Stone a.k.a. Cyborg again takes center stage in the episode. He is fighting off against father box which has taken control of his systems and soon he will convert to a single mechanical being in Young Justice: Outsiders. He also exclaims once,

I guess the Father box isn’t done with me

Later, Superboy brings Dreamer, who is the member of Forever People of New Genesis to help Vic. Then we get to know that the only thing that can help Vic is Mobius chair of the God Metron.

Well, it is the same Metron who was defeated once by Batman himself in comics when Batman sits on the Mobius chair himself and becomes a God.

It is explained in Young Justice: Outsiders that Metron is the finder of Mother and Father boxes (unlike the comics) Violet Harper a.k.a. Halo leaves the team with a note left behind.

She says, don’t try to find her. Superboy, Forager and Black Lightning travel to the Source Wall with the help of Mother Box to meet and convince Metron.

*All these events take place within five minutes of the show!

Further Events

Halo (Gabrielle) returns home to Dhabar. All events now are parallel. While following Metron the team meets Superman fighting off Parademons. It is revealed that DeSaad and Granny stole some minerals for a device they were building. Metron agrees to come with them to save Victor. Parallelly Halo tells that she is dying and no one can help her.

After the news of the defeat of Professor Ivo by Aqualad, Aquaman is too impressed with Kaldur’ahm. Now events shift back to Metron and Vic. It is revealed that Metron never wanted to help Victor.

Instead, he wanted to watch a father box to completely over-ride an organic system. Throws him out of his chair, and Black Lightning holds him off. While these events, others place Vic on Mobius chair.

The chair purges the soul of Father box. Amidst these events, other events run parallelly. The episode ends on a happy note as Vic is saved and Gabrielle is found.

Moreover, as fans can see, a lot of diversity in a single episode. All characters with different approaches to problems work together to solve them. Fans will love the latest chapter of Young Justice: Outsiders.

Next episode termed Unknown Factors in Young Justice: Outsiders will release on 6th August.

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