The International 2019 Battle Pass Achieves a New Milestone


If you are a gaming zombie looking for some adventure and fun, then The International 2019 Battle Pass for Dota 2 is all you need this season. The prize money has reached a whopping $25.5 Mn mark in a span of just two months.
The gaming giant Valve had released The International 2019 Battle Pass for Dota 2 in May 2019. And, unarguably, this is the biggest prize money for any gaming tournament in the world.

It is all set to woo its fans next month in August between 20 and 25. It’s battle passes are the keys to your gaming adventures. You get loads of exclusive content, features, and rewards.

The International 2019 Battle Pass pricing

The International 2019 Battle Pass for Dota 2 is all any gamer needs this season

The standard edition of the battle pass costs INR 699. The pass with 50 levels is available for INR 2,049. On the other hand, the battle pass of 100 levels is priced at INR 3,149.

Some of the best rewards to earn in this year’s battle pass are the following:

• Wrath of the Mo’Rokai custom game mode
• Jungle Expedition mode
• There are unlockable Guardians of the Lost Path custom towers, which remind us of the old tower of Dota when it was just a custom map for World of Warcraft

According to reports, fans will have to grab these The International 2019 Battle Pass as soon as they can to avoid missing out on key features of the game.

Additions and Features

There are a couple of add ons too. The Battle Pass will have Trusty Shovels, the Snake Balloon, and poop-flinging Silly Monkey to help players in their journey. There is a new Coach’ Challenge and a Party Finder option to help players find like-minded individuals to play the game with. Avoid Player option will do exactly as the name suggests.

Let us talk about returning features now. It has retained the following features:

  • Double your MMR rewards once a week feature
  • Immortal item recycling
  • Predictions
  • Trivia
  • And in-game tipping

There are more features in The International 2019 Battle Pass to help you have access to a lot of other adventures. Keep reading to stay updated.

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