The internet is once again flooded with Keanu Reeves: know why??

The internet is once again flooded with Keanu Reeves: know why??

For the past few days, the Internet is swimming with memes and videos of Keanu Reeves. From slow walking into a room to blowing kisses, from playing with puppies to listening that he is the ideal dream man, Keanu has seen it all.

However, the main question at the moment is, what turned this 54 years old actor all hot again??

Keanu Reeves is once again all over the internet

Well, it all started this April after Daniel Jackson GQ cover shoot featured him. The 54 years old Keanu in all black and white, definitely looked like a million dollar buck. Keanu’s long hairs, kind eyes and patchy eyes was well complimented by his iron saw like cheekbones.

The internet is once again flooded with Keanu Reeves: know why??

Keanu Reeves looking stunning in all black
Source: Reddit

Well, to be honest, his age did little to diminish his beauty, it looks like the older he gets the more better he looks. Fans had not yet recovered from the last blow of seeing him all sexy in black and white when he takes another mind-blowing move of signing up to be the face of Saint Lauren’s Fall collection.

Has this man made up his mind to give all his fans a heart attack?? He is relentless. Fans are going mad over the internet, but they could not be blamed for it, can they be??

Saint Laurent has definitely unveiled the secret of selling a 50,000 dollar leather jacket. Just put it on the shoulders of Keanu Reeves and make it look like he is all but thinking about you!!!

Keanu has been an undisputed A-lister all through his period.  The man is undoubtedly a legend. However, his ongoing and ever flowing celebrity status has little to do with his acting and film. For his Hollywood career, spanning nearly 35 years has witnessed more of misses than hits.

The internet is once again flooded with Keanu Reeves: know why??

Reeves is undoubtedly irresistible
Source: 4K Backgrounds

What made his so irresistible??

His good looks are an asset for him, but there are many out there who owns this magical weapon. So what set’s him apart from all. First of all the element of mystery. Knowledge about his roots and childhood has always been sparse.

His love for ice-hockey and motorcycles coupled his father being a drug dealer, while, his mother hopped from one marriage to another for a long period of time are some of the information we know about him.

The enigma of Keanu Reeves that inevitably makes an appearance in all his roles and photos is not something that has been cultivated to gain publicity. It is who he is and it is as much a part of him as his limbs and heart. Then to add to his already blooming persona is the nice guy stories.

Well, his good looks, mysterious personality and loaded charm are a package deal hard to ignore. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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