Intruder cleaned the whole house and left: Massachusetts Man reports to Police


Something amusing happened in the house of the Boston area. A man came home after long hours of work and find all his messy belongings back into cupboards. The Intruder Cleaned the Whole House and Left.

Ain’t it difficult to believe such happening?

The Intruder Cleaned the Whole House and Left: Massachusetts Man Reports To Police

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The man was out with his son for running errands and then went for work on the morning of May 15. When they returned back, they find the front door unlocked. The thought of theft and robbery swiped across his mind.

But after coming in, he found his messy home to be sparkling clean.
How can an intruder thurst entry be so heart-warming?

Nate Roman lives in Marlborough in a single-family home. He immediately reported the whole incident to the nearby patrolling police. Nate told them that there was something unusual about the vibe of the house. He often forgot to lock their front door while going out. This is why he didn’t think much about it.

I must say, the intruder was quite honest and candid. He didn’t take any piece of belonging with him.

Roman checked the whole house, thoroughly multiple numbers of times but didn’t find something missing.

Roman would surely be thanking the intruder

The Intruder Cleaned the Whole House and Left: Massachusetts Man Reports To Police


Surprisingly, his son’s wreck-like room was in quite a pristine condition. He found the same for his room. The stranger kept the clothes right away in cupboards, stuffed the toys in drawers and picked all the crackers and messy litters into dustbins.

Everything was neat and put right away in original condition,

Roman stated. The trespasser even vacuumed all their rugs.

Police took the matter really seriously after Roman reported it. They patrolled the house and ensured their safety by checking every corner of the residence.
They made sure that no-one was there in the house. Even the neighbours didn’t find anything suspicious on the day. No suspects were recorded.

Even the security systems weren’t active at the time the intruder went by. The CCTVs have no trace of him. The time sensors on the front door traced his staying of 90 minutes in Roman’s home.

The thing that surprised and amused him the most was the presence of roses made of toilet paper in the bathroom.  Indeed, the house-breaker was good with creativity.

He’s still in theories and guessing if a prank has been done to him. Whatever it may be, Roman was quite relaxed after watching his mess strolling away.

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