The Legendary Rock Band, Tool is back with New Singles after a Decade

Tool, Rock Band with New Singles After a Decade

Tool, an American Rock Band has won three Grammy awards. The band started as Heavy Metal, later positioning them as Alternative Rock. They are back with new singles “Descending” and “Invincible” after a long break. Their live performance at Welcome to Rockville, Jacksonville with new singles and lyrics was for the first time.

Tool: New singles and what took them so long?

Since, 10,000 Days album release they vanished into the thin line. That’s what a great performance and music needs. The album so entitled would mean fans need to wait for almost a decade.

That is equivalent to Led Zeppelin’s entire career. But, an instrumental version of the “Descending” was performed earlier.

While a new album is on its way, the rock band joined online streaming platforms. The band joined the Apple Music and Spotify recently Making them easily available and feasible for their fans.

Tool was jammed in a lawsuit for some time from their insurance company. It made them delay for so long and now they are free to jam and follow tour dates.

Tool, Rock Band with New Singles After a Decade

More about the band

The band, Tool is mostly incorporated with visual arts. Band’s guitarist, Adam Jones is involved in visual art in their music videos. Their music video mostly describes Psychedelic and Alt rock.

Their music is conflicting with current music industry. Mostly, they end-up in censorship and lawsuit. The artwork helped them win the Grammy for 10,000 Days in innovative album package.

The album reached the billboard’s top 1 with 2.5 million copies. The “Descending” and “Invincible” are the continuation of the last album 10,000 Days.

Tool, Rock Band with New Singles After a Decade

Source: Metal Injection

Tool tripped to Twitter and updated the band logo. They represented a Roman Number “MMXIX” – 2019. After that there was no news regarding when the new album would bounce.

Welcome to Rockville, Jacksonville head start Tool’s tour from US. This will continue till halfway of May. The tickets are available to buy for the US tour of Tool .

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