The Office is leaving Netflix sooner than you can imagine

The Office is leaving Netflix sooner than you can imagine

Ok, so after reading the title of this article I know most people must have had a panic attack. Calm down!! I know the news that The Office is leaving Netflix might have come as a shock for many. I mean there were no pre-mature rumours that could have warned us about it. Yet stay calm because it is inevitable and Netflix has officially announced it!!!

The Office is leaving Netflix sooner than you can imagine

The Office will soon leave Netflix
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NBC will be the new home

The Office will leave Netflix permanently in the year 2021. So all “The Office” fans have a one and a half year to watch the entire series on an endless loop. Netflix has officially announced that The Office will leave it on January 2021.

The Office is going to move to its new home NBC’s new streaming service for a period of 5 years. NBC is known to have signed a five-year deal. Netflix announced the dreadful news on Twitter with the help of a tweet stating how sad the streaming service is about the news.

It was one of the most watched titles of Netflix and this news is dreadful for both the streaming service as well as for the fans. However, it looks quite odd that the series is leaving one streaming platform to go to the other. Leaving a well-established home just to settle in a new non-comfy one.

The Office to leave Netflix in 18 months

The Office is leaving Netflix sooner than you can imagine

Netflix is losing The Office to NBC
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Well NBC is not so much of a stranger to the show. It had aired nine seasons of The Office on it. NBC Universal’s advertisement supported streaming services will be launched in the year 2020. The chairman of NBC said

The Office has become a staple of pop culture and is a rare gem whose relevance continues to grow at a time when fans have more entertainment choices than ever before,”

Fans are already planning to sign NBC for hassle-free viewing of the series. Well, it is bound to happen all fans will soon fill up for NBC without a doubt. 2021 is still far away, but this news has made people away too tensed.

Just 18 months left to watch it on Netflix.

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