The Rookie Season 2 is Saving Hearts Already!

The Rookie Season 2

The ABC finally gave in to the demands of the victims inflicted by Rookie love and on Friday announced the streaming of The Rookie Season 2. Cheers to Nolan Fans! The series, the Rookie Season 2 led by Nathan-Fillion wins 4.1 billion of viewership.

And it also has 0.7 percent of ratings marking the end of its freshman year. The first season hooked several eyes over 20 episodes and the audience can’t get more out of it.

The Rookie Season 2 airing soon

The comedy-drama escalated quickly to rank the fifth out of the nine ABC drama series in terms of viewership and ratings.

Despite Rookie being the title, the show did not follow its name in terms of script and screenplay. The series started off with a light-hearted comedy and soon revealed the threads of suspicion.

The Rookie Season 2

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The TVLine’s Scorecard has been evaluating the votes from the public in order to keep or cut any show. The Rookie couldn’t pay enough gratitude to their fans for voting at least 90 percent votes to renew the freshman series.

As the officers prepared for a reel exam the Rookie was already in the session of the public court. And the fans saved their macho-officers on the Scorecard.

The Rookie Season 2 contains all the spices for a full-fledged drama series. Moreover, it also contains the intricately woven logics behind the bars and guns.

THE ROOKIE – “Manhunt” 


The basic plot of the first season narrates a man in his 40’s. He is pursuing his dream of becoming an LAPD officer and serving his country.

With him is a team of other officers taking an exam which would take them a step further. However, like every plot has a twist, in the end, this one has too.

The exam witnesses a threat of bioterrorism and all the officers have to channelize their energies on it. The Rookie fans and the media are waiting for the Rookie season 2 to air with red circles on their calendars and millions of theories. The first season broke millions of hearts while officer Brad… Oh! Dodged a spoiler there!

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