The Simpsons will get a new game at E3 2019 – Rumors

The Simpsons will get a new game at E3 2019 - Rumors

The E3 is going to be one of the gaming space for all the rumoured and featured game release hub. And now, another game from the EA is getting a whole new phase. The Simpsons which initially released in 1991 as The Simpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutants is already bucked up with almost 26 more releases with it. Moreover, the American sitcom with the same name is also famous for its characters. Therefore, this E3 season is also scheduled to get a new Simpsons game.

The Simpsons will get a new game at E3 2019 - Rumors

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The Simpsons are ready for another launch

However, the popularity it gained over years for both the games and the sitcom it is no surprise to get a new game. The E3 officials posted a tweet about the Simpsons that they are having a panel on June 11.

Other circumstances can also be possible, as the Simpsons panel can also be for something else. Or maybe the announcement is not entirely about a new Simpson’s game.  But, it is unusual to directly point out a particular game on this big event along with a panel at E3. However, the Simpsons came out in the console in late 2007, so there is a huge chance of getting a new game. In addition, another mobile dependent game launched in 2012 named The Simpsons: Tapped out.

The Simpsons will get a new game at E3 2019 - Rumors

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E3 is going to be big enough for gamers

There the speculations are well known to remark of a new game. As the developers had enough time to arrange and develop a new game that is being released in E3 2019. Above all this, there are a myriad amount of games that are made to get a launch at the E3 like the Darksiders: Genesis.

E3 2019 is going to be huge for the gamers but for that time we need to wait. Until June 11 the rumours are getting more and more. Therefore, let’s wait and look for what pans out till the end.

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