The Sims 5 Latest Update: Release Date and Compatibility with Nintendo Switch

the sims 5

The Sims has been a phenomenal life simulation series and arguably the most popular in its genre. Fans are now anticipating the release of The Sims 5 and the possibility for its debut on the popular Nintendo Switch console.

After six years of expansion packs which have taken our digital avatars everywhere from university to a career as a social media influencer, the Sims is due to get a full numbered sequel anytime now. So practice your Simlish and prepare to recreate your home all over again, as the best-selling video game series with no discernable goal enters the next generation.

The Sims 5 on Nintendo Switch

EA and Maxis’ has not announced any significant effort to release The Sims 5 for the Nintendo Switch. The game publisher is taking a careful approach when bringing its game to the console, especially during Switch’s first year.

However, EA might have changed their mind after the company made an announcement at EA Play Live last month. The game developers mentioned that seven of its IPs are arriving in the console within the next year. Some games for the console are Apex Legends, Burnout Paradise, and possibly The Sims 4.

Bringing The Sims 4 to Switch could be a well-received decision on EA’s part. However, fans are questioning the possibility, given the huge file size of the game and its expansion. EA is obviously making a plan related to this issue.

The Sims 5 Release Date

EA has not said anything specific related to The Sims 5 despite the game being around for some years. However, people are expecting the current games to have a longer life cycle just like previous versions.

the sims 5

It might not be surprising if EA has not started any development for The Sims 5. However, word is that a 2021 release is most likely. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for an announcement from the official sources.

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