The Sopranos are coming back? HBO President hints at new episodes


The Sopranos may be coming back with some new episodes. At least that’s what HBO President Casey Bloys has been hinting at. David Chase, the creator of the series, is working on the feature prequel The Many Saints of Newark.

At an interview, Bloys was asked if this could end with HBO expanding this into a series.

The Sopranos new series

He told Deadline:

I keep saying ‘never say never’. There are no plans, there is no discussions about it, but (Michael) is a really good actor. We had him on The Deuce. There is nothing on the table at the moment but I will stay open.

The Sopranos: What’s the prequel about?

The prequel The Many Saints of Newark is all about Dickie Moltisanti, which will be played by Alessandro Nivola. He will be a mentor to young Tony when his own father Johnny Boy was preparing him to join the organized crime world.

Though we didn’t see Dickie on Sopranos, we know who he was because of how many references there were.

He was a cousin of Carmella Soprano and was killed when his son was very young. We can now understand why Tony Soprano always felt so connected to Christopher Moltisanti and why an entire episode was based on this story-line. Christopher Moltisanti was Dickie Moltisanti’s son.

We’re all eagerly waiting for the prequel to come out but we’re also pretty stoked at the fact that there may be another season of The Sopranos coming out.

It’s neither a yes nor a no yet. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what they have in store for us. But if this wait ends with us getting a new season, we sure don’t mind it at all.

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