Know why this Full Moon in June is called Strawberry Moon

NASA assures next full moon to be the Strawberry Moon

The most awaited June’s Full Moon will illuminate the night skies on Monday, 17th June. The Moon will appear full for three days around 4:31 AM EDT from Saturday night to Tuesday night. But the Strawberry moon will not hit its peak brightness before Monday. This Strawberry Moon will also serve as a Father’s Day treat which will is observed Sunday, 16th June.

What is Strawberry Moon?

Each full moon of the month is named after some exceptional seasonal changes that happen during that particular month. For instance, May’s Flower moon is named after the blooming flowers around this time. December’s Cold Moon is a sign of harsh winters. Most of these names are adopted from the Native American Traditions.

NASA assures next full moon to be the Strawberry Moon

Similarly, June is known for its Strawberry Moon which is also the last full moon of spring. It is the sixth of this year’s 12 named Full Moon phases. This full moon got its name from the wild strawberries that ripen during early summer. Honey Moon, Mead Moon and Rose Moon are some European names that are given to this moon.

FACT FILE: June was traditionally referred to as the month of marriages. Thus, Honey Moon is another name for Strawberry Moon.

Mark the Timings for Important Events

  • From Saturday night till Sunday morning, Jupiter, Antares, or gibbous, i.e. an almost full moon will brighten up the sky as a triangle, with Jupiter on the left, Moon on the right and Antares below.
  • On the morning of the full Moon, Jupiter will appear in the southwest and the planet Saturn will appear in the south-southeast. Deneb, a part of the “Summer Triangle” will appear nearly overhead.  The planet Venus will appear the brightest of all of the visible planets.

NASA assures next full moon to be the Strawberry Moon

  • From Sunday evening till Monday morning, the planet Jupiter will appear to the right of the nearly full Moon. They will appear in the southeast as evening twilight ends. The Moon will reach its highest in the sky around midnight.
  • On the evening of June 17, the planet Mercury and the planet Mars will appear about a degree apart in the west-northwest and Mercury will appear brighter than Mars.

Will the Strawberry Moon turn bright red this June?

Unfortunately, the Strawberry moon will not attain its hue and bright red colour this June but will continue to radiate its white glow. Keep watching this space for more updates related to astronomy!

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