The Success of Detective Pikachu made the writers think about working on Super Smash Bros film


Detective Pikachu is an excellent hit on the big screens. The success is as per the expectations of the writers Benji Samit and Dan Hernandez. The writer duo then planned to take their ideas ahead of, and they discussed it with Screen Rant. The concept of leading Super Smash Bros film will include a significant number of characters and actions. The characters are from Persona 5 and Sonic. Moreover, to build up the audience’s interest, independent game movies will be made initially.

Writers of Detective Pikachu plan for Smash Bros

The main motive of the writers is to make the introductory movies and the sequels more thrilling than the previous. Benji Samit gave an example of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. MCU focused on introducing the individual characters first, which resulted in big hits. End Game is the result of years of planned teamwork.  The writers are planning to approach in the same way for “Smash Bros.”

Dan Hernandez will have to work on his first film, The Legend of Zelda. Dan will have to write the best version showing his entire skills before he can start up with Smash Bros. The fans have been waiting for a Pokémon movie for long and Detective Pikachu, 2019 fulfilled people’s childhood desires.

How excited are the fans for the Smash Bros crossover?

Fans are ready and expecting a smash Bros movie soon with all their favorite characters. The idea has been discussed by the writers of Detective Pikachu, and it seems they will work on it very soon. Till then the fans will have to wait and enjoy the first video game movie on the big screen, Detective Pikachu.

The writers are focusing on making every idea as a hit. They believe every Nintendo movie should be able to attract a significant number of audiences as the video games did. This idea is hypothetical for now. There is no confirmation about anything, but it is true that the two writers talked about making “Smash Bros” happen.

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