The Top 7 Jobs Post Covid-19 Pandemic


Covid-19 pandemic has impacted a lot of people, leading them to lose their jobs. Governments also impose a “stay at home” regulation, limiting people mobilization.

Now, as the new normal emerge, some companies have restarted their operation and started to recruit employees. The job seekers will have a higher chance to get recruited if they come with the necessary skills.

Here is the top 7 jobs post Covid-19 pandemic, according to NTUC Learning Hub.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing jobs are to create a company website to be on the first page of a search engine website, marketing activities, and branding for the company. An important skill for this position is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

2. Data Analyst

Data analyst is responsible to create a report from the company’s data. The report should give an insight of the company activity and help the director to make decisions. Important skills related to this job is programming (Python), data visualization, and data analysis.

3. IT Support

An IT support technician jobs are including installation, evaluation, and maintenance of a computer. Three main components of a computer are the hardware, software, and network system.

4. Web/App Designer and Developer

An app or web developer must have creativity in developing an application or website. They are focusing on user interaction as with the application or the website. An important skill for this job is programming in javascript or other apps framework

5. Cyber/IT Security Engineer

IT security engineer is responsible for the security system of a company. They have to be able to protect and maintain the company’s network system from cyber attack and hacking activities.

6. Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence engineer are responsible to make an algorithm to work without human assistance. This job is highly on-demand at this moment and the demand keeps rising. Important skills related to this job are programming, data engineering, and machine learning

7. Robotic Process Automation Engineer

Robotic Process Automation engineer helps business activities run automatically by using a robot, bot, or another AI. An RPA engineer is responsible to design the system and ensure the product is satisfying.

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