The Walking Dead comic book’s biggest surprise: It’s ending


One of the most followed and longest-running hits of the comic book industry is coming to end. The Walking Dead is ending the storyline with this week’s issue. Most of the people were thinking that the Juggernaut, who is following Rick Grimes and a bunch of survivors in the zombie world of post-apocalypse, would go on forever. But the issue no. 193 termed as “The Farmhouse”, brings the epic series to close. It is said to go on air on Wednesday.

The Walking Dead End from nowhere:

'The Walking Dead' comic book's biggest surprise: It's ending

The end of the famous comic book would not have any effect on AMC’s TV franchise which has the likes of “The Walking Dead” and “Fears the Walking Dead”. The TV series of the comic book has more often adopted different plots and is not bound by comic plots. Grimes had left the series in it’s most recent and the ninth season but he will return in the movie series.

AMC also paid the tributes to the comic book. Kirkman gave hints of the inevitable end of the popular comic book story with a Monday tweet.

The Hollywood Reporter got the extracts from the final episode, which has a long letter from Kirkman to his fans. Many of the fans who will be surprised by the absurd conclusion of the show.

The Walking Dead comic book's biggest surprise: It's ending

Hints with death if Rick Grimes:

Kirkman was the artist who had created the comic book back in the year 1933. He is the one who has written the stories from starting, along with Tony Moore. Both of them had provided the art for the first six seasons of the show.

But now Charlie Adlard has taken over the duties of art beginning with the seventh season. Adlard and Kirkman have joined hands for the final issue of the season. If fans analyze “Walking Dead” they had the hint the season was certainly coming to an end with the dead of the lead character Rick Grimes.

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