The Walking Dead Season 10 will surprise fans with new plotlines and twists

The Walking dead Season 10 is expected to be full of surprises

The Walking Dead Season 10 is expected to surprises with twists and turns in the plot. Carol played by Mellisa McBride has always been an unpredictable character since the beginning of the show. She is expected to the same type of things this time around also. This season is going to be nothing short than a blockbuster.

The Walking Dead Season 10 expectations

The Walking Dead Season 10 is expected to be full of surprises

Filming for the show is currently under progress, while few behind the scenes videos from the productions have been released online. One of those behind the scene videos shows Carol and Alpha in the same place. In the video, we can witness McBride having a casual discussion with Morton.

Going by the costume of the actress, one thing which is clear is Carol will not be a prisoner of Whisperers. She might be seen as a mediator to release the tension between the two leading groups.

What can we expect from Carol then? McBride in another video revealed that the fans should be ready to expect the unexpected. The actress also made a hoax that how character played by her has a unique trend of doing unusual things which have now become normal for her now.

Carol and her vengeance:

One thing which will be on Carol’s mind in Season 10 is vengeance. McBride stated that how her character was broke after suffering lost last season. She will be fighting feelings of vengeance. As usual with the show, there is always going to be a threat of the zombies. Over the years heroes have learned how to deal with Zombie problems.

The Walking dead Season 10 is expected to be full of surprises

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier – The Walking Dead _ Season 10

This time fans are excited to see Aaron put his modified arm for use in fights. Another video reveals that Aaron will be under action in some big action scenes. The video also teases Negan taking new challenges, after being released from the prison. The season 10 will be aired on October 6 on AMC.

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