Netflix series The Witcher Official Teaser OUT NOW!!

The Witcher is Netflix's new card for enthralling all!

Netflix is known for its watch-worthy content and addicting storyline shows. Each new show better than the previously most-loved one. Well, Netflix has to keep-up its reputation of providing non-exhaustible material at all times. Therefore The Witcher is Netflix’s new card in the game of live-streaming business.

It successfully dazzled the audience with its first official release of the trailer, yesterday!!  So have a look at it before I give you the “non-included in the trailer” information!

The Witcher is Netflix's new card for enthralling all!

The Witcher
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The Witcher Teaser

On 19th July, Netflix took to San Diego Comic-Con to unveil the first teaser trailer of the most-anticipated series! The Witcher is a live-action series adaptation of the book series by Andrzej Sapkowski. However, it does not single-handedly depend only on the books. The CD Projekt Red’s hit game regarding the same is also a source of knowledge and adaptation.

The Witcher is Netflix's new card for enthralling all!

Netflix’s new show’s trailer is out!!
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As the official trailer’s came out, the already edge-seated account holders, lost all of their patience. A little taste of blood will always make a tiger wish for more!!! However, the wait is sort-of inevitable!!

The trailer gave viewers their first glimpse of Ciri, Geralt as well as Yennefer. While Henry Cvill features as Geralt, Ciri is played by Freya Allan. The role of Yennefer got a position in the series under the guidance and acting of Anya Chalotra.

All about cast and storyline

The book series commenced with the release of Blood of elves and then followed a legacy with 7 new additions. However,many books that were released later in the timeline, holds stories ancient than Blood of Elves.

The new series is going to drive some of its storyline from the hit games based on the book series as well. The Witcher: Wild Hunt is bound to be one such game, for its concept revolves around Ciri. The Witcher features Anna Shaffer, Milley Brady, Tom Canton and Joey Batey other than the above mentioned names.

It even stars Maciej Musial and MyAnna Buring who shall play the role of Sir Lazol and Tissaia respectively. One of the most-disappointing things is the absence of release date from the trailer.

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