The Witcher Netflix brought to you by Freya Allan!

The Witcher Netflix, brought to you by Freya Allen!

SDCC 2019 is still the talk of the year with The Witcher from Netflix taking the lead. Even after two weeks, fans cannot get over all the information they received during and after the period. One such trailer was of one of the most anticipated series of the year, The Witcher.

The fantastic reveal of trailer, characters and fantasy-based storyline has already attracted millions of fans over the globe. The trailer was too lit and was filled with lots of action, monsters and characters with a seemingly potential storyline. The trailer already has over 17 Million views on its official account on YouTube.

Ciri aka Freya Allan on The Witcher

Moreover, Freya Allan, who portrays ‘Ciri’ in the series when asked about what was the most impressive thing in the series, replied,

“I think what surprised me, I’m just trying to think, what did surprise me… I think I really admired the way it had been written, because you know there isn’t that kind of, he’s the baddy, he’s the goodie, we support the goodie,”

She explained further,

“Who is bad, who is good, and then you realize no one is bad or good everyone has their intentions and thinks what they’re doing is right.”

Well, if you observe closely, she is talking just like Thanos, the epic villain from Marvel. And obviously, out of Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer and Ciri, Ciri is the most honest and ‘good’ person. They are the main trio in the series. The main lead is Geralt of Rivia which is portrayed by our own ‘Main Man’ Henry Cavill.

Recently, Henry Cavill’s fan base is on par with other famous actors. With Mission Impossible Fallout and portrayal of Superman in several DCEU movies, Cavill has emerged as one the best actors present currently in Hollywood.

Freya Allan, the 17 y/o actress is known for her role in Bluebird too. And Anya Chalotra will portray Yennefer.

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