The Witcher Netflix Timeline Explained: Chronological Events for Geralt, Yeniifer and Ciri in the Show

The Witcher Netflix Timeline Explained Chronological Events for Geralt, Yeniifer and Ciri in the Show

The Witcher on Netflix has been amazing so far and even after the first week of 2020, it’s ruling the viewership charts. Fans have loved the iteration of this fantasy series and Henry Cavill has been killing it as the Geralt of Rivia. However, the show runs across multiple timelines and since most of the characters don’t have aging effects, it has become very confusing for fans to understand the chronology.

Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri are the three main characters in ‘The Witcher Season 1’ around which the plot revolves and most of the event takes place. The Witcher timeline has been explained along with the chronological sequence of events for Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, and other main characters.

The Witcher Chronological Timeline Explained

The Witcher Chronological Timeline Explained

The story begins with Yennefer sent to advise the northern kingdom of Aedirn, who loses her taste for the game of thrones and decides to live life for herself.

Geralt, a witcher is forced to kill Renfri and her gang to prevent further carnage which earns him the moniker “the Butcher of Blaviken”, which the gruff but ultimately kindhearted Geralt hates. At the same time, somewhere in the northern kingdom of Cintra, a teenaged Queen Calanthe has just won her first battle. It’s the start of an Elizabethan reign.

Geralt  connects with Jaskier, a travelling bard and develop a partnership where Geralt provides an endless source of material for his songs, and Jaskier acts as a one-man PR department for Geralt, giving him the moniker “the White Wolf” making it easier for Geralt to find work.

Geralt and Jaskier attend a feast to determine a husband for Calanthe’s daughter Pavetta where her husband Duny tries to reward Geralt, who invokes the Law of Surprise giving Geralt a claim to the child to raise as his own.

Geralt then meets Yen, and ask the djinn a last wish for their fates to be bound together which is why Geralt and Yen keep running into each other, which next occurs on a dragon hunt and at the last straw, Geralt nuts up and returns to Cintra to check in on Ciri and ensure her well-being where he gets an extremely frosty reception and is tossed in prison when he refuses to disown Ciri.

The Wicther Geralt of Rivia

At this juncture, Nilfgaard launches a snap invasion defeating the Cintran army, killing Eist, and sacking Cintra. Calanthe urges Ciri to seek out Geralt’s protection, and then commits suicide to avoid the indignity of capture. This is the point in the story when the chronology starts to unite and events begin to move quickly.

Ciri escapes the capital with Nilfgaardian hunters hot on her heels, first taking refuge with the dryads in the forest of Brokilon before eventually trying to make her way to her step-grandfather Eist’s family in Skellige. Along the way, a farmer’s wife takes her home to keep her safe, and tries to convince her to stay.

As the Nilfgaardian army marches north from Cintra toward the rest of the northern kingdoms, Yen and the other wizard Illuminati move to intercept them at Sodden Hill, a defensible chokepoint about a day away from the farmstead where Ciri is staying.

The Witcher Ciri

Geralt broke out of Cintran captivity in the chaos, but had no idea that Ciri successfully made it out, too. Geralt heads for the witcher’s keep of Kaer Morhen where he saves a travelling farmer from ghouls but catches a nasty bite in the process. The farmer tosses Geralt in his cart to recuperate to his house.

Ciri has a vision of Geralt at Sodden Hill calling out Yen’s name, and leaves the farm, cutting through the woods toward Sodden Hill to do as Calanthe urged and connect with Geralt. When Geralt reaches the farm, he realizes that by a cosmic stroke of fate, the wife of the farmer who saved him had found Ciri, who unknown to the farmer’s wife had left just before Geralt’s arrival.

Geralt recognizes the circumstance from the prophecy made to him by the dying Renfri decades earlier, and hares it into the woods to find the daughter destiny always meant for him to have. They finally meet, and Ciri asks him who the woman is that Geralt was calling out for in her vision.

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