The Witcher series on Netflix will have ‘No Main Villain’

The Witcher series on Netflix will have 'No Main Villain'

Entertainment Weekly, recently took interview of the famous Lauren Hissrich who is the man behind The Witcher series on Netflix. He gave a few ideas and behind the scenes of the series.

Initially, Lauren has clearly established the fact that the series will be ‘Highly Adult’. So we can expect a lot of fights with nudity. The show will be highly ‘Violent’ and ‘Old Sex’.

On a comic note, Lauren added that his son saw something he shouldn’t have seen. Thus, the series will have adult content definitely, similar to the game. She also added the show will contain a number of ‘Monsters’.

The Witcher Series Details

The Witcher will be a horror-fantasy-action genre series. Thus, we can expect a mixture of monster fights with a horror background. It was also revealed by Lauren that there will not be a main antagonist for the series. Thus it can be speculated that every episode will have its own different monster.

The Witcher series on Netflix will have 'No Main Villain'

The Witcher series cast

However, a lack of a central villain around which the story revolves may affect some fans.

Fans speculate that the series will be based on events that are before both novel and games. Witcher will thus follow the sequence of ‘Short Stories’.

Hissrich commented,

“There isn’t really a villain, One of the things we’re enjoying exploring is all the shades of grey in the books.”

Lauren also subtly hinted that the Monsters will have a human-based motivation for the bad things they do. She added that fans favourite character would change over time.

Currently, ‘Henry Cavill’ our own Big Blue is set to play the Geralt of Rivia and has a huge fan following amongst fans. The cast also includes Adam Levy, Anna Shaffer, Jodhi May and Freya Allan.

The Witcher will air on Netflix and is set to release in Autumn 2019.

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