Things we learned from Kawhi Leonard and Paul George’s Introduction to Clippers

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George's Introduction to Clippers

Los Angeles Clipper had a great time in the last few days as they signed two of the biggest NBA stars in the NBA free agency. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George signed into the Clippers and made them the top in the NBA power rankings. The two players are being hailed as the heroes of Clippers which will take them to their NBA title victory.

To make their place in Clippers as an official statement, a press conference was organized and all the important person from the Clippers were present.

Head coach Doc Rivers, president Lawrence Frank, and owner Steve Ballmer were the main guests of the event. Here are the best highlights from the Leonard and George introduction to Clippers press event.

Fans and the Stars are equally Excited

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George's Introduction to Clippers

The fans of LA Clippers are very much excited and happy as Kawhi Leonard has joined their city team. The same city rivals, LA Lakers have their star in the form of LeBron James. Hence, the Clippers squad always felt low about that, but now it won’t be the case anymore.

There are two MVP’s in the form of Leonard and Paul George, who is ready to give a tough fight to the Lakers duo of Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

Along with that, the previous team members of Clippers are also feeling much better. They have now two supportive players who can also elevate their gameplay and it feels honor to play in such a team.

Kawhi Leonard: Owner Steve Ballmer is Happy

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George's Introduction to Clippers

Steve Balmer, the owner of Los Angeles Clippers was finally seen with a smile on his face after so long time. Balmer always has given money to the team without any limits, the budget has never been an issue for him.

He has given full power to Frank and Winger as the keys to the Clippers franchise and is confident in their decisions.

The owner never let his personal interests be a nuisance is any trade deals and always does what is the best for the team. In the press conference, Balmer shared his views on the future of the team and looked very happy and energetic.

Leonard and George are Awestruck

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George's Introduction to Clippers

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were all praises for the team of Clippers and couldn’t control their emotions. It was always a dream to play in their home team and represent Los Angeles at the NBA games. Both the stars were fans of the Clippers from their childhood and always desired to play in there.

The feeling is surreal to be sitting here and very soon we will have the Clippers jersey with our names on it. As a pair, we can cover both ends of the floor, support each other.

It is not I will always shoot the ball, if George has a better chance then I will pass it on. Teamplay is the most important part of the game and Clippers are everything for us.

Kawhi Leonard

Doc Rivers is ready to make the Duo Work

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George's Introduction to Clippers

Doc Rivers is perhaps the most experienced NBA coach who has trained some of the biggest NBA stars. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen reached the NBA conference finals 3 times under his guidance. Rivers also coached Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan for the Clippers and they had some of the best NBA games.

Michael Jordan at age 28 and Kawhi Leonard at 29 are kind of similar and are in the same peak form of their career. Doc understands the chemistry between Leonard and Paul George and is ready to make the duo work. He revealed that he has been watching the clips of the two players and knows how to use their best with each other.

Paul George has overcome from his Injury

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George's Introduction to Clippers

Paul George was not the same player after his shoulder injury and his performance had quite a drop. But now he believes he had recovered and is ready to play once again in the basketball court. George had a rotor cuff surgery in early May, and he was advised to rest for the 2019-20 NBA training camp.

The good part is none of the injuries have any long term effects and George will be back as new soon. He assured his fans that he will only return when he is one hundred percent healthy and ready.

The next two months will decide what happens and the time for his recovery, after that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George will play for the Clippers.

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