Thor 4 to begin production as the famous Thor-Korg duo is back

Thor-Korg duo is back for Marvel Thor 4

Marvel had a lit year till now and is looking up for 2020 and 2021 releases. With Marvel having two releases scheduled for 2020 in May and November, these movies are most likely to be Black Widow and The Eternals. Back to the Thor series, Taika Waititi the legendary director known for his humour is back with a bang!

With Chris Hemsworth reprising his role as the Legendary God of Thunder: Thor. The due will surely rock the stage again. Fans speculate the involvement of Valkryie in Thor 4 as she was also seen with God of Thunder in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers Endgame.

However, in Endgame we see Thor parting ways with Avengers. In Avengers Endgame there were huge losses as Tony and Natasha couldn’t make it to the end. However, everyone else failed to see it was Thor who has lost the most, his Father, Mother (Twice), Most of Asgard, Loki and his ‘Avengers friends’.

Taika David Waititi himself is a comedian, thus his movie-style can easily be differentiated. Thor: Ragnarok was a blend of comedy, high-stake action and fantasy. Taika will try to introduce these elements again in Thor 4, as Thor will also try to redeem himself as in Endgame he almost died against Thanos.

Thor 4 might feature Beta Ray Bill

A journey lies in front of Odinson as he will explore the universe and find the meaning of life. It is highly anticipated that ‘Beta-Ray-Bill’ could also be involved in the events of ‘Thor 4’. Beta-Ray-Bill had a small statue cameo in Thor 3 as his face could be seen in a statue.

Thor 4 might feature Beta Ray Bill

Thor 4 might feature Beta Ray Bill

Taika Waititi has done an amazing job in the comedy-fantasy genre. Some of his best works include Eagle vs Shark, What We do in Shadows and Thor: Ragnarok.

‘Waititi’ also has done some amazing acting roles which include, Korg in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers Endgame, Viago in What We do in Shadows and Gordon in Eagle vs Shark.

The ‘Chris-Waititi’ duo is now on par with top actor-director duos. We can expect a lot from them and from Marvel studios.

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