Thor: Love and Thunder will feature the God Butcher

Antagonist of Thor: Love and Thunder was present in Avengers: Endgame?

SDCC has just left Marvel fans baffled. With all the information, fans who previously had doubts on Marvel failing to impress after Avengers Endgame have now vanished. With Loki, Wanda-Vision, Doctor Strange sequel, Thor: Love and Thunder, Black Widow and Eternals, Marvel is set to deliver another amazing phase to fans.

Thor: Love and Thunder details

Most of the information received was regarding the fourth instalment in Thor series. First of all the title, ‘Love and Thunder’ specifies in itself the return of Jane Foster portrayed by Natalie Portman. Jane Foster was a lead character in both Thor and Thor: The Dark World. Also, she had a cameo in Endgame (time heist).

Antagonist of Thor: Love and Thunder was present in Avengers: Endgame?

Fan-favourite actor-director combo will return for the 4th instalment. Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson will reprise their roles and Taika Waititi is set to direct the movie. After the success of Thor: Ragnarok fans are pretty hyped up for the next part. Also, Taika will reprise his role as Korg.

Antagonist of Thor: Love and Thunder was present in Avengers: Endgame?

Gorr The God Butcher

The main villain for Thor: Love and Thunder is speculated to be Gorr: The God Butcher. Well, sounds similar to Billy Butcher of the Boys! However, just like his name he really is a God slayer. Gorr is an alien who saw his family taken in front of his eyes. He blames the Gods for not listening to his prayers and decides to eliminate them systematically.


He doesn’t hold any special power on his own. However, once he gets the hold of the legendary sword “All-Black the Necrosword” he is near to invincible. His speed, strength and stamina reach superhuman levels. Also, he can fly after holding the sword and can create small minions from slashes of it.

It is highly speculated as to the comic series Thor: God of Thunder #1 (2012) was the first one to establish Gorr as he is a recent character. Further, in these issues itself, the mantle of Thor is passed down to Jane Foster. Thus, solidifying the predictions.

However, there is no official news regarding the same. Also, during a scene in Avengers Endgame, we see a character behind hulk when he visits Asgard on Earth. It can be Gorr, planning and plotting to kill Thor, or can be any other Asgardian.

Antagonist of Thor: Love and Thunder was present in Avengers: Endgame?

Also, other characters which are capable of holding-off God of Thunder are Surtur, Mangog and Enchantress which can be seen as side villains.

Thor: Love and Thunder is scheduled for November 2021 release.

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