Titans Season 2: Lain Glen to play the role of Bruce Wayne

Lain Glen to play the role of Bruce Wayne on Titans Season II
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The older incarnation of Bruce Wayne renowned as Batman for Titans Season 2 will be played by Ser Jorah Mormont himself, Lain Glen. The fans are now looking for the character description. So the first season of the Titans was not appearing to be shy showing some of Batman’s connections.

A glimpse of the first season

As this was about building the team, so the season was all about Dick Grayson and his role as Robin. The season implicated throughout that Bruce had no way as Batman. He was increasingly brutal for justice against the criminals of Gotham City.

Lain Glen to play the role of Bruce Wayne on Titans Season II

The season had its end with a really bizarre consequence with the episode that had a dream sequence. Here Dick had an imagination of the worst scenario of the unhinged batman who was all set to take murderous action against Gotham’s underworld. When the Batman was in action, his face was clearly visible to everyone.

Titans Season 2: Bruce Wayne’s Role

With reference to the first season, Bruce Wayne revealed few things to the Duo split. There is no such claim whether Dwayne can appear in costumes or not but he is the latest actor who can pick the role up of DC on the second season of Titans.

Titans Season 2 is to appear in this year. Glen will, of course, appear in the eight seasons of the Game of Thrones which has its premieres on 14th April.

Lain Glen to play the role of Bruce Wayne on Titans Season II

But the very next project that he will take up will be this. Batman has been an all-time favourite for the fans. Fans are eagerly waiting to see Batman in action. The team will have Batman as one of the biggest pros. The show is now being offered a lot of buzzes and is obviously one of the most awaited show as of now.

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