Titans Season 2 Trailer is OUT NOW!!

Titans Season 2 Trailer, Plot, Details and more ...

Well DC Universe just dropped the trailer of Titans Season 2 and it seems they are ready for another amazing TV series this year.

With DC already having a good year with TV shows and Animated series, they have added another one to the roster. Titans Season 2 will continue just where the last season left off with the return of the greatest antagonist of DC, Deathstroke.

The roster of Titans season 1 was already pretty buffed up. It included characters such as Robin, Hawk and Dove, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy. However, this was not enough for DC. Season 2 already has twice as many new characters who are fan favourite.

The second season will include The caped crusader himself with his near to equivalent foe Slade Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke. Superboy, Ravager, Mercy Graves and Aqualad are also present as series regulars. Also Donna Troy has her suit which was not shown in season 1.

The most anticipated weapon, the lasso of truth also makes a brief appearance in the trailer. Season 2 will follow the storyline of both Trigon as the main villain and Deathstroke as the recurring one. Also Raven has the ‘red-jewel’ on her head which lead to more comic accurate representation. It is also speculated that she will trap trigon in the jewel and has to wear it all the times so as to avoid his release.

Predictions for Titans Season 2

Titans Season 2 Trailer, Plot, Details and more ...

Also, Curran Walters is set to reprise his role as Jason Todd. Jason Todd is a fan favourite as his presence also hints towards Joker all the time. Till now no official plot has been released.

It is also possible that Jason Todd would become The Red Hood after the drastic events of Batman and Joker rivalry. However, there are endless possibilities as to where season 2 will head. Iain Glen is set to portray the legend, Batman.

Moreover, this year is already a great one for DC fans. With Crisis of Infinite Earths scheduled for December release, Titans season 2 for September and Joker in October fans will always have something to binge-watch upon.

Also, the first reviews from Toronto film festivals are here and critics are sure that Joker will be nominated for Oscars.

There is no official word for the storyline of Titans. According to Team Geek, a new trailer will drop near 20th August.

Titans Season 2 will start premiering from 6th September, the first episode will be directed by John Fawcett.

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