Tokyo Olympics 2020 Mascots star in an Exclusive Animated Video

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Mascots

The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Paralympic and Olympic games revealed the official mascots of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 in March. Ryo Taniguchi’s created two mascots were selected by international and elementary school students throughout Japan. The characters created by the designer are exquisite.

Incredible mascots for Tokyo Olympics 2020

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Mascots get a present:

Miraitowa and Someity

Tokyo Olympics 2020 committee presented Miraitowa and Someity as the name of the two mascots for the exclusive event. Miraitowa is the mascot for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2020 Mascots and has the ability to move anywhere spontaneously. Someity is Paralympics mascot and is kind-hearted. Someity adores nature and reminds of Japan’s iconic cherry blossom trees. She is equipped with the ability to talk to stones as well as winds and also with telekinetic powers.

The name Miraitowa fuses the Japanese words future and eternity. On the other hand, Someity Yoshino derives the name of Paralympics mascot. Her name is a play on words with the English phrase “So Mighty”.

The official Tokyo Olympics 2020 website lifted the curtains of characters in their respective poses for the coming event. Miraitowa also stars in an animated video showing his athletic prowess.

The current video does not list any credits.

Anime fans excited with mascots:

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Mascots

Globally popular characters whose designs may have influenced the mascots are likely to appear beside them at upcoming Summer Games. Characters of the likes of Astro Boy, Naruto and Sailor Moon are present on official merchandise of Olympic and Paralympics. This is not just the end of exciting news.

In addition to this, Yoshirō Mori former prime minister and current president of Tokyo Organizing committee of Paralympic and Olympic Games have proposed having a Manga parade at the Games ceremonies. Talking on a broader context everything seems planned in the best way.

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