Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Divorce Rumors: Couple ready to give their marriage a ‘second chance’?


Are Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady ready to solve their issues and move ahead? A tabloid claimed that the couple has soothed their serious issues. Let’s check what’s happening.

According to Life & Style, Bundchen and Brady have decided to put their divorce on hold. This tabloid has claimed that a source reported that the couple went for therapy. Things were getting better until the couple left the New England Patriots.

Destroying Move to Tampa Bay

The anonymous source reports that Bundchen wanted Tom to get retired from football, so the two of them could work on their issues. However, this seems a little contradictory to what was claimed earlier.

If the two had already resolved their issues, then why would Bundchen push Brady for retirement. Bundchen had decided that she would move to Florida, then how did she change her decision immediately.

The source also claimed that Bundchen threatened to destroy Tom’s beloved Super Bowl rings. If this was the case, then the entire marital issue would certainly shift to the destruction of property and become a criminal case.

The two stories that the tabloid is trying to paint are completely contradictory. Bundchen was the victim wife who had been blindsided by her husband’s selfishness. Is she also capable of destroying the precious artifacts.

Rumor Busted

The tabloid is relying upon an anonymous source and the stories painted seem totally confusing and contradictory. This is because none of this actually happened. Despite the bogus divorce rumors surrounding the couple, the two are happily together.

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