Tom Cruise brings back Les Grossman on Conan O’Brian Show

Tom Cruise brings back memories

The character of Les Grossman still rules the heart of everyone. Tom Cruise has never failed to surprise us whether it has been his presence at San-Diego Comic-Con or Top Gun: Maverick trailer.

Tom Cruise also appeared along with Conan O’Brien to recreate the glory days of Tropic Thunder. Cruise at the age of 57 still reminisces his character.

Cruise creates nostalgiaTom Cruise brings back memories

Tom Cruise was highly specific about his character demands in action comedy movie directed by Ben Stiller. He did manage to roll back the time as he showed some signature dance moves and the ever refreshing Grossman cussing.

Cruise has always focused on self-improvement as his willingness to learn singing, music and that too at such a high age.

The actor also told that he takes dance and hip-hop classes and is trying to put those in a character. When Stiller went to Cruise for casting him as a Vulgar Hollywood studio executive, the star had some strange demands.

He said like he would love to play the role but he also wants to have fat hands and would love to dance.

Tom Cruise brings back memories

Tom Cruise goes crazy along with Conan

The ending for the film Tropic Thunder was quite peculiar as Tom Cruise playing the character of Les Grossman in a fat suit is dancing as if no one’s watching him.

Cruise went down the memory lanes and told, you start becoming the character you are playing. You start discovering it in more depth and start moving with it.

There was no music and Cruise was twisting and turning as if he was having beats in his memory. Ben Stiller was trying to figure out what on earth was happening with Tom Cruise. Stiller later removed those scenes from dance including Cruise’s seat dancing. With the orders of O’Brien, Cruise delivered the classic dialogue of Grossman

“Would you stand back and literally f— your own face!”

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