Tom Cruise News: Thandie Newton talks about Tom’s dominant behavior in Mission Impossible 2


Thandie Newton is very obliged for the support she received after her recent interview in which she busted Tom Cruise’s dominant behavior on the set of Mission Impossible II. The star said she has nothing to lose and so she will continue to speak the truth.

The star recently opened up on how was her experience in Hollywood and how she was shocked by the support she got after her recent interview.

I was surprised by the appreciation I got. I thought that I would be in deep trouble because that’s kind of what I am used to.

The actress also said that speaking the truth has always benefited her. She tried to show the actual problems faced by the majority of people.

Thandie said,

I just happened to be an older women who has recognized that knowing the truth and speaking the truth has benefitted me a hell of a lot more than being silenced and seeing people silenced around.

She also added I have nothing to lose and I would rather go out using this moment. The star also claimed that her recent interview has become a nightmare for many celebrities.

When the star was questioned about getting the Emmy this year, Thandie said she does not see herself winning the one as Meryl Streep is also nominated in the same category for her role in HBO’s hit series “Big Little Lies.”

Newton said in the interview,

Oh, come on – Meryl Streep! All I’m going to say is Meryl Streep! She needs a whole award ceremony just for her!

In the upcoming Emmy’s, Newton is also nominated for her role of Maeve Miley on HBO’s “Westworld”.

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