Tom Hardy leaks details about the upcoming Venom sequel

Tom Hardy's folly confirmed who shall be the director of Venom sequel

Well, a mistake once done cannot be undone! This is the law of nature, one’s actions shall live forever and there is no escaping from them as they continue to breathe in our past.  Now something similar happened with Tom Hardy, for an actor’s folly never goes unnoticed.

Whether you call it luck or intention, Tom Hardy has confirmed Andy Serkis as the director of the Venom sequel. There is no denying it now fellow-mates!

Tom Hardy's folly confirms the director of Venom sequel

Source: Mashable India

Venom sequel director confirmed!

Yeah, I know you must be excited about finally getting some strong news regarding the sequel of Venom. Ever since the huge success of Venom on box-office world-wide words of the sequel being underway have been around.

Well, to honestly put it why not? If people love something then giving them more of it is beneficial for all! Especially when the givers belong to Hollywood! So the development of a sequel of Venom was quickly instructed by Sony.

However, as soon as the preparations began, news of Ruben Fleischer dropping out of the project hit the media. The cause of drop out was the prior-promised commitment of his to Zombieland: Double Tap. Rumours of Andy Serkis, Travis Knight and Rupert Wyatt being considered followed the dawn of the news.

Last week’s report claims them all meeting with Sony to discuss the forthcoming sequel of Venom. Well, a subtle post of Instagram cemented the rumors into reality, giving people their new director of Venom!

How has the news originated?

Tom Hardy's folly confirms the director of Venom sequel

Source: Vanity Fair

Tom Hardy recently posted a picture of Andy Serkis on his Instagram account. However, the picture did not accompany any caption to justify out doubts. Well, rumors regarding this sudden unexplained posting got around, but this is not all.

Now, posting a picture could have meant anything, I mean maybe they are friends and it was just a friendly gesture. However, the actor soon removed the photo from his account and that action spoke much louder and clearer.

People are now confirmed that Andy Serkis is serving as the director of the upcoming sequel of Vemon.

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