Marvel Studios Loki starring Tom Hiddleston has been confirmed


Marvel Studios has announced officially about the Scarlet and Vision series. This is titled as WandaVision. This will have Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen to take forward the iconic roles. The news came up in a little after the announcement of the Falcon and Soldier’s series which is also under process.

The biggest news for the crazy Loki fans is Loki series is back and Tom Hiddleston will be starring with his very own role.

WandaVision on Disney+:

The release of WandaVision and the date of the premiere in the Disney + is not quite clear as of now as per the information available. This will hit the screens through the online streaming video site this year.

No matter the screen is small or big but the Marvel universe is gigantic enough to engulf everyone.


Entertaining quotient:

The new stories popping up on the screens are serving the ultimate entertainment requirement of the people. And, the world of Marvel will now be available in the online streaming video sites. Jac Schaeffer will give the service of the showrunner.

However, this news was confirmed by the CEO of Disney + that the series of Loki is about to stream. He also gave the news of Tom Hiddleston’s confirmation about the part.

Fan’s thrill:

The earth’s mightiest ones will now bring back something dynamic to the fans. The end game is also one of the determining factors of what would happen to all of them. Moreover, the fate of the scarlet witch is ultimately dependent on the Avengers Endgame. Marvel has always made it to the heart of the people.

Tom Hiddleson confirms for Loki Series

Fans have accepted the heroes and the Marvel’s character are incredibly the ones that will live forever. However, the buzz of the series is also playing some role in setting the Avenger lovers all crazy for the series which are coming up.

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