Top 5 works of Kyoto Animation Studio: Kanon, Clanned and After Story, and more

Top 5 works of the now devastated Kyoto Animation!!1

The heart-wrenching incident of Kyoto Animation Studio being set on fire left a mark on several people’s life. While 34 staff members lost their life, 34 others are forced to spend their days in hospital due the injuries they have incurred.

The senseless act of one person annihilated the life’s of several at Kyoto Animation Studio. The talented people who lost their life’s were the one’s whose works have enthralled and captivated the masses. This is my personal compilation of Kyoto Animation works that I love and cherish above all.

Top 3 works of Kyoto Animation !!

Top 5 works of the now devastated Kyoto Animation!!

Best works
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The original adaptation of Kanon by the Kyoto Animation studio is one of the best works of all. Clannad and After Story state the importance of family in life.

How relations whether be of blood or just emotion bonds turn out to be support-systems of individuals. Clannad made me feel the need for a bunch of misfits in my life!!!

Second, comes the phenomenal show The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The biting narrative humor of the show by Kyoto Animation was something that amine has never experienced before.

The comedy show made me burst with laughter again and again!! Trust me even if you are not a fan of comedy, go for it!!

Third, comes the Nichijou: My Orginal Life. The Kyoto Animation adaptation of Keiichi Arawi’s already marvellous original work escalated its charm. Mio, the pretty reliable girl hands over her work to Yuko, who is known for her habit of leaving her work undone always. That is when all trouble begins!!

Last Two Honorable Mentions

Top 5 works of the now devastated Kyoto Animation!!

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Now the fourth one might be a bit of a surprise, its….  Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. Free makes you realize that even though you are not an athletic person its never too late to take an interest.

Fourth comes Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.  The show is about two things, Family and being yourself always.

Last but not least comes A Silent Voice!! Go check it out if you haven’t.

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