Top 8 places to watch Brooklyn Fireworks on July 4th

Brooklyn Fireworks
July 4, 2014 Macy's Fireworks © Julienne Schaer

Macy’s will display the fireworks in Brooklyn on 4th of July. Such fireworks were last presented in Brooklyn 5 years back and they will return this year!

The show will be near the Brooklyn Bridge area. However, there are some specific areas in Brooklyn which helps us capture the beauty of them.

Details for the show

  • The fireworks will begin at approximately 9:20 PM.
  • There will be Millions of spectators.
  • More than 70K shells are used for Fireworks.
  • The fireworks will be shot from more than 100 locations on and near Brooklyn bridge.
  • More than 25 colours can be seen during the show.

Now we will see top places to see the show. We will do a reverse countdown for the same:

Fort Hamilton

At Fort Hamilton military base you can definitely enjoy the fireworks with food, salsa and dance. Fort Hamilton is somewhat far from Brooklyn Bridge but you can get a great view from here.

Coney Island

Coney Island is world famous for its rides and fun zones. You can enjoy your day here with dazzling fireworks. However, it is not that big as Brooklyn one. Still, you can give a visit once to the “People’s Playground”.

Top 8 places to watch "Brooklyn Fireworks" on July 4th

Rooftops Red

The world’s one of the best rooftops which is viable even commercially. Yes, “Rooftops Red” deliver great visuals when it comes to Fireworks.

Top 8 places to watch "Brooklyn Fireworks" on July 4th



It is a “Bar” located on the 22nd floor, it is not that high to give you the appeasing views you need. But is just enough high to make to top 5 of our list.

The food here is amazing! and they serve on the best shrimps ever. Combination of great scenery with great food is legendary!

Top 8 places to watch "Brooklyn Fireworks" on July 4th

Time Out’s Market “Rooftop Bar”

As we already established that Rooftop bars are one of the best places to get food and fireworks altogether. The Rooftop Bar at Times Out Market is no exception. It is a little expensive as the tickets here are approximately 13,776 INR or 200$ exclusive of foods and drinks.

Top 8 places to watch "Brooklyn Fireworks" on July 4th

Now we have come to the top 3 places you “Must Visit” is you need to give your eyes the pleasure of the best fireworks ever.

Top 3 places to watch Fireworks

Fornino @ Pier-6

It is again a bar making to our top list. With great food comes great responsibility and Pier-6 is handling it very efficiently. From “3-way” Buffets to one to the best “Wood-Burnt Pizza’s” they are fantabulous in every way.

The bar overlooks water at one side too which looks mesmerizing.

Top 8 places to watchBrooklyn Bridge Park

The closest place on land to get to fireworks, Brooklyn Bridge provides astonishing views of both “Fire” and “Water”.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Now for the spot of the Illest of them all we have.

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade

It is visually appealing as it also adds the beauty of the Statue of Liberty to the fireworks. It is generally crowded. Still, the view here is breathtaking.

Top 8 places to watch

So here we have listed the places you can visit and enjoy!

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