Top Gun 2 Trailer unveiled by Tom Cruise at San Diego Comic-Con

Top Gun 2 trailer makes Tom Cruise a surprise guest at Comic-Con

San Diego Comic Con 2019 witnesses a surprise guest. Wondering who could it be?? Well non-other than the world-famous mission impossible actor Tom Cruise made an unexpected surprise entry. However, he was not there just for visiting’s sake, he had a mission on hand. San Diego Comic Con 2019 witnessed the unveiling of the trailer of Top Gun 2 by Tom Cruise himself!!!

Top Guns 2 trailer makes Tom Cruise a surprise guest at Comic-Con

Tom Cruise is back with Top Gun sequel
Source: The New York Post

Top Gun 2: Trailer out!!

Well if you are a fan of the invincible Tom Cruise, then you must know about his film Top Gun. Released more than 30 years ago in 1986, the film was based on a magazine article. The article titled with the same name came out 3 years before the production started.

The old Top Gun film was directed by Tony Scott and it succeeded in garnering much praise and appreciation for the audience. The film held several breath-taking, action sequels which captured umpteen cinematic achievements.

The film even grabbed the Academy Award for its song Take My Breath Away, from the band Berlin. The old film features Kelly McGrills, ER’s Anthony Edwards, Meg Ryan as well as Val Kilmer. Well if certain reports are trusted then Val Kilmer is featuring the sequel as well, however, he is not present in the trailer.

Tom Cruise makes a guest appearance!!

Top Gun 2 trailer makes Tom Cruise a surprise guest at Comic-Con

Top Gun 2 sneak peak
Source: The Drive

Tom Cruise addresses the Comic-Con audience saying

Thirty-four years ago I made a movie in San Diego, Thirty-four years and you’ve been very patient with me and I felt it was my responsibility to finally really deliver for you.”

So it looks like Tom has felt a need to give back a gift to the fans. He indeed acted as a Santa on Christmas, bringing the unexpected to his fans!!

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