Top NBA players in the Eastern and Western Conference this season

NBA Top Players

NBA trade deals are almost over and all the teams and top players are now totally intertwined. Several players who turned into free agents changed their teams while some of them were retained. The next season of the NBA will be totally different due to the same reason.

As always there will be a big competition between the Eastern and Western Conference teams for the NBA 2020 title. Here are the top players in the NBA conferences which will decide the fate of 2019-20 season.

NBA Eastern Conference

NBA Eastern Conference

The Eastern Conference of NBA contains 15 NBA teams which are divided into 3 regions. Atlantic, Central, Southeast forms the three regions and there are 5 NBA teams in each of them. Here are some of the top players in the eastern side team to look out for the next NBA season.

Jimmy Butler – Miami Heat

Jimmy Butler was one of the top free agents who moved from the 76ers team to join the Miami Heat. The team is confident to get its 2010 form back with Butler and it might be true. With the addition of other few agents and someone strong for a pair, Jimmy Butler can take Miami Heat to new heights in the upcoming NBA season.

Kevin Love – Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers were losing players and it was rumored that they might trade out Kevin Love too. But he was retained in the hopes of making entry to the NBA 2020 finals. It was Kevin Love who made the Cavs reach four consecutive finals and everyone is sure that he can repeat the same in the next year.

Tobias Harris – Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers are confident in Tobia Harris and that is why his contract was extended. In the absence of Jimmy Butler, Harris have to take the full responsibility of the team. Ben Simmons has been also added to the 76ers team, if Tobias can be paired up with him, the Philly team can also enter the contender’s race of next final.

Bradley Beal – Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal is one of the younger players who has yet to prove himself to the Washington Wizards team. They showed faith in him and Beal’s contract was not broken in the middle. Beal is 26 years old and has still two years left before he becomes a free agent. The Wizards hopes that Bradley Beal will be the future star of their team and get an NBA title for them in the upcoming years.

NBA Western Conference

NBA Western Conference

The Western Conference of NBA also contains 15 teams divided into Pacific, Northwest, and Southwest regions. Even though the Toronto Raptors from the eastern conference won the last finals, the majority of the NBA is ruled by the western conference. As the free agency has ended, the western side has some of the best players to turn the tide in NBA 2019-20 season.

Anthony Davis – Los Angeles Lakers

NBA Free Agency - Anthony Davis goes to LA Lakers

Anthony Davis was one of the first deal in the NBA draft lottery where the Lakers got him from the New Orleans Pelicans. The aim was to pair Davis with LeBron James and have a solid duo to win the next title. Davis is surely a great player and now playing for the gold and purple Lakers, he can do wonders in the next season.

Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors

NBA Legend Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is the next big name in the Golden State Warriors after Kevin Durant. It is not just Durant, several other big players have also left the Warriors team. In such a situation, the whole responsibility is now on the shoulder of Curry. He is an amazing player and can take the Dubs team to the finals even without his star teammates.

James Harden – Houston Rockets

James Harden - Houston Rockets

James Harden, the MVP of NBA 2018 is now the biggest name left in the Houston Rockets team. He and Chris Paul had an internal feud and hence the Rockets traded Paul for Russel Westbrook. Now with his former partner back, the Harden and Westbrook duo can repeat the same for the Rockets as they once did in the Thunder team.

Kawhi Leonard – Los Angeles Clippers

NBA Los Angeles Clipper Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard, the man who took Toronto Raptors to their first NBA title was the most sought free agent. The Clippers win the race to sign Leonard and are currently at the top spot for the next NBA final trophy. Kawhi Leonard has the potential to repeat the same for Clippers and with support of Paul George, it seems possible.

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