Total Solar Eclipse in Chile and Argentina: Updates!

Residents and visitors marvel at Total Solar Eclipse in Chile and Argentina

All eyes were glued to the sky as the beautiful alignment of celestial bodies adorned the sky. The impending total solar eclipse finally awed everyone on Tuesday. Residents, as well as tourists from across the world, gathered to behold the beautiful event.

Total Solar Eclipse adorned the sky on Tuesday

Residents and visitors marvel at Total Solar Eclipse in Chile and Argentina

First Total Solar Eclipse of the year 2019
Source: Sky & Telescopes

The best view of the total solar eclipse was witnessed in the Atacama Desert. The place had been deprived of such a phenomenon since 1592. The North Chilean Desert was filled with tourists and bystanders on Tuesday. People gathered there in the hopes of witnessing the marvellous event under the world’s clearest skies.

The only place that was destined to behold total solar eclipse was a small area lying between Chile and Argentina. The small extended from La Serena which is situated in Chile up to Buenos Aires of Argentina. However, Buenos Aries is not a part of the area where the event will be completely visible.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon places itself between the sun and earth. As a result of which Earth is engulfed by darkness for some-time. The phenomenon is rare and can happen in any given spot on Earth. However each time the event takes place few people are blessed with its view while the rest remain unsatisfied.

Where was the best view available??

Residents and visitors marvel at Total Solar Eclipse in Chile and Argentina

People watching the beautiful and rare phenomenon
Source: The New York Times

This time the place which was blessed with the best view was the Atacama Desert. According to Chilean Astronomy Society, the last eclipse that took place in this region was in 1592. The next eclipse in estimated to take place in 2165 in this region.

La Serena a part of Northern Chile is popular for its clear skies. The city welcomed 300,000 visitors for this event. The new addition to the already 200,000 people population added new responsibilities. Local Water Company, as well as a police station, doubled their work. Health services and gas stations also felt the pressure of the event.

However, the most advantage was received by local vendors. The special eclipse viewing glasses were sold at high prices. Earning tons of money for the vendors. Employees poured out on the street during the late afternoon to witness the Total Solar Eclipse.

Well, all the trouble that people went through was definitely worth the view. The beautiful astronomical alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth rose the beauty of the skies to its peak.

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