Total Solar Eclipse will beautify the sky on Tuesday

Total Solar Eclipse will beautify the sky on Tuesday

Once again on Tuesday, the sky will become the centre of attraction and all eyes will be glued to it. As the Sun, Moon and Earth come together in a breathtaking astronomical alignment the beauty of the skies will be at its peak.  The Total Solar Eclipse is destined to take place on Tuesday.

Total Solar Eclipse will take place on Tuesday

Total Solar Eclipse will beautify the sky on Tuesday

Tuesday: Total Solar Eclipse will appear
Source: The Planetary Society

The phenomenon of the total eclipse is going to take place on the up-coming Tuesday that is on 2nd July. The first thing that grabbed people’s attention because of this information was the weather report. Of course, the first thing people will think about when such an event is taking place is weather conditions.

Many areas are expected to have a cloud-free sky including South America. However, clouds are speculated to spoil the fun of seeing the phenomenon in Paraguay and southern Chile. Even forecasts of Southern Argentina and Southern Brazil delivered the sad news of cloud appearance.

The phenomenon will be perceivable across a part of the Southern Hemisphere. Most part of the Southern Pacific Ocean will witness the occurring. Even much of South America will be lucky enough to behold this wonderful event.

The residents of South America will be able to perceive half solar eclipse during the afternoon as well as early evening hours. It is advised to always use solar glasses for eye protection. Eye-protection is mandatory for beholding such events any lapse in it will lead to serious ramifications.

Only a few places can witness the event

Total Solar Eclipse will beautify the sky on Tuesday

Total Solar Eclipse
Source: VIE Magazine

The only place that will witness total solar eclipse is a small area of Chile and Argentina. This small area extends from La Serena which is situated in Chile to Buenos Aires which is south of it and is in Argentina. However, Buenos Aires is not included in the path.

The regions that are a middle-part of this small area is estimated to have Sun’s shadow for 2 minutes and 30 sec. While the places that are on the edge will have it only for 1 minute. Clouds may shorten this time is they decide to adorn the sky and irate people.

The last total eclipse that took place was in the year 2017. It was named as the “Great American Eclipse” and it occurred on 21st August.

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