Toy Story 4 end-credit scenes mystery explained [Watch Video]

Toy Story 4 end-credit scenes explained

Who doesn’t like a good animated film and when it comes to Pixar animation films then loving it is inevitable. We have always seen that Pixar animation movies walk on that thin line that separates reality from imagination. Jumping from one side to the other they entertain us to the fullest. Toy Story 4 is no exception to it.

Toy Story 4 like many Pixar animation to have end-credit scenes

Toy Story 4's end-credit scenes explained

Toy Story 4 has end-credit scenes too!
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It is common for Pixar movies to have end-credit scenes which often explain how things came out after the turmoil that the movie brought in the characters life. The most recent Pixar animation Toy Story 4 too had a total of 5 end credits.

Four of the scenes appear throughout the credit, while one appears at the very end. Three of the mid-credit scenes are brief and are subtly connected to one another. While the final scenes serve as just a call back to a previous scene of the film.

Toy Story 4’s main conflict is about the dilemma faced by Woody. He has to either accept the fact that Bonnie no longer loves him and ergo let him go or spend the rest of his life as a non-significant toy. Well, in the end, he chooses his former option and lets Bonnie go. Deciding to spend the rest of his toy life with Bo Peep.

3 out of the 5 credit scenes clarify the future of Bonnie’s toy. The scenes show how Woody, Bo and the rest of the friends are acting as prizes in a carnival game. However, the secret agenda of this is to get new kids for the toys.

What those post-credit scenes signify

Woody and Bo knock down game’s targets for the kids, thus helping the toys to get new kids and home. Woody’s new purpose in life is to bring happiness to his fellow toys. Ergo, he tries to help them to get new homes sans worrying about himself.

Toy Story 4's end-credit scenes explained

Watch till the end!!
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One of the three scenes even shows the dark fantasy of Ducky and Bunny, who aspire of becoming giant laser shooting monsters. So that they can wreak havoc at the carnival. This scene is more or less a call back to a previous scene of the movie where they had the same fantasies.

One of the credit scenes is dedicated to showing the future of those toys who were not a part of Woody and Bo’s circle. The final credit scene happens after the credit rolling seizes. It’s a sweet callback to one of the film’s joke and can be considered as a sweet memory.

Maybe, these credits are a way to tell the audience that Woody and others are happy. Even when Bonnie is no longer a part of their life. Maybe, it’s a message that sometimes letting go is all it takes to bring happiness back into your life.

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