Toy Story 5: Tom Hanks hint confirms the rumors

Toy Story 5 might be two and a half years away,Tom Hanks hints

After the huge success of Toy Story 4, the audience is eagerly waiting for an announcement of Toy Story 5. Josh Cooley’s Toy Story 4 released on June 21, 2019. And, the movie has made about $922.9 million globally at the box office. It was played in about 3,610 movie theatres and earned approximately $10.4 million weekend collection. And you’ll be surprised to know that the Toy Story Franchise has hit nearly $3 billion in total. On hearing about Toy Story 4, we all had a question that didn’t the movie end nine years ago in the third part? Thus, after watching the fourth one, the audience is eagerly waiting for Toy Story 5 to come.

Toy Story 5: What Tom Hanks says

Toy Story 5 might be two and a half years away,Tom Hanks hints

Tom Hanks (Source: ClickOrlando)

Although, the makers have not announced anything about the fifth part of the movie. And, obviously its too early to receive any update from Pixar and Walt Disney about the Toy Story 5.

However, Tom Hanks said that there is no planning for the fifth part but he won’t be surprised if they plan it about two and a half years away.

He also told that they never plan any Toy Story movie. They do not fix a particular date for it and then start working up the idea. Instead, they start making whenever someone comes up with a kernel of the idea. Thus, the viewers can get a surprise about Toy Story 5 anytime.

Why Toy Story 5 looks like a decade away?

Although Tom Hanks says that they might announce in 2.5 years. But, it looks like Toy Story 5 will not be announced before a decade. Why so? It’s because the makers never anticipate the plot of the movie before.

Toy Story 5 might be two and a half years away,Tom Hanks hints

Toy Story 4 (Source: RTE)

Even, the third and fourth part had a gap of 9 years in between. An almost 11 years gap was also there between Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. Thus, on average, we will get to see anything about Toy Story 5 in a decade. However, we cannot be sure of that. All we can do is eagerly wait for some announcement from the makers.

Toy Story 4: Review

Don’t worry we’ll not give any spoilers out here for those who have no got a chance to see the movie till now. Talking about the fourth part of the movie, the huge collection at the box office is evident that the movie is being liked by the audience. The animated film has taken up some mature themes this time like overcoming the fear of obsoleteness and breaking the current state of affairs. Thus, the movie is a brilliant version of its third part.

So do watch it and keep following The Geek Herald for more updates on Toy Story!


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