Toyota Supra is back and is underpinned by BMW

Toyota Supra is back and is underpinned by BMW

As it seems fans are already ready to accept the most iconic Japanese sports car – Toyota Supra. The car which was a model in most of the PlayStation’s console is now roaring on the roads. However, the sports car will tamp with fires in 2020 carrying a German heart in a German body.

Toyota Supra is back and is underpinned by BMW


Toyota Supra – Specification

The Toyota Supra is assembled alongside BMW Z4 and it even shares the same engine, Chassis and easy suspension. The 2020 Supra has a 3.0 litre – turbocharged inline six engines. Whereas the previous model delivered a power of 321 horsepower but the new is boosted with 335 horsepower. The  Rather, the torque is stumbled by 365 pound-feet with an increase in fuel efficiency. Toyota Supra covers a 31 miles per gallon and 22 miles in highway and outgoing car respectively.

But, the weight distribution has been greatly managed with a 50 – 50 perfection making an overall weight of 3397 pounds. This weight includes with advanced amenities along with eight airbags pushed forward. Moreover, the dimensional figure compresses with 5 inches shorter and 2 inches wider. Though, handling can be great as it forces the Supra from zero to 96Kmph within 4.1 seconds and can gear up to 249Kmph.

Toyota Supra is back and is underpinned by BMW

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Pricing and other technical features

On the other hand, the 19 inches tire that could result in bad quality ride and noise but the result was extremely great on the road. As of build alongside BMW, the interior covered by BMW has nothing to question about. The interior is classy with the steering wheel – sleek and small. Toyota Supra has made the seats more comfortable, though the overall interior has felt from the BMW family.

Toyota Supra is back and is underpinned by BMW

The 2020 Toyota Supra is priced at 49,990 US dollars. The premium supra costs around 53,990 US dollars in which the base model’s seats are replaced with leather and a touchscreen of 8.8 inches is installed. There is another limited edition for 55,250 US dollars which includes all the features from the premium with an addition of red caps for mirror and red leathers for the cars which have a black and white body.

Toyota’s new CarPlay feature can be added to the premium version. The safety features include the collision warning, emergency brake and lane flight warning. Check Geek Herald for more.o

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