Trash Picker makes a fortune from Billionaire neighborhood’s trash!

Making a living by Trash Picking from Billionaire neighbourhood's trash!
Trash picking billionaire's trash is a way of earning in San Francisco.

Do you know the most common profession of slum areas and other informal settlements? –Trash Picking!

Mr Jake Orta, a military veteran fallen into homelessness, lives in a government-subsidized apartment.

He is a full-time trash picker in San Francisco, searching for things he can sell.

Mr Orta lives in a tiny apartment filled with trash, three blocks from Mark Zuckerberg’s $10 million Tudor home in San Francisco.

In San Francisco: Thinking outside the trash by making a living from Billionaire neighborhood's trash!

People in San Francisco make money from billionaire’s trash.

His discoveries from Trash Bin

There’s a pink helmet for a child that Mr Orta dug out of Mr Zuckerberg’s house from the garbage bin across the street.

Even a good hairdryer, cans of beer, excellent vacuum cleaner,  a coffee dispenser – in good working condition, and a good quantity of wardrobe from Mr Zuckerberg’s bin.

Mr Orta calls himself a Treasure hunter despite being a Trash picker. Seems to be an expert!

Most noteworthy, his favourite item recovered from trash is one he won’t sell: a collection of newspaper documenting World War II.

In San Francisco: Thinking outside the trash by making a living from Billionaire neighborhood's trash!


In many cities in the United States, trash scavengers exist and like prevalent homelessness in San Francisco.

These are signs of American Capitalism’s extremes!

Richest man lives a few minutes away from a trash picker, certainly: 2019 snapshot reveals.

A spokesperson for Recology Robert Reed said that the company contracted to collect San Francisco’s garbage:-

Trash picking is illegal in California.

Because once the bin is popped out, the contents belong to possession of trash collection company.

Source: Business Insiders

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